April 30, 2020,

Reopening Strategies with Safety in Mind

As we approach the first phase of reactivating our economy, Woodward is ready to assist your business in implementing social distancing strategies to safely reopen. Different types of businesses will have unique considerations when it comes to keeping their staff and clients safe. We can ensure your business is compliant with new safety guidelines without sacrificing comfort or convenience for your clientele.

Woodward offers the following services:

Office reconfigurations and plexiglass partitions allow for a safer return to the work environment.

•  Design services to reconfigure offices, restaurants, and manufacturing and distribution centers to accommodate distancing and hygiene requirements. Woodward Design Group is available to consult with business leaders to provide new layout options that work for their business needs.

•  General maintenance and improvements that are difficult to accomplish when the building is populated such as painting, carpentry work or other building investments. Some of these improvements may now be more attractive due to changes in tax rules for bonus depreciation in the CARES Act.

•  Upgrading or installing new air and water filtration systems.

•  One-time and routine cleaning and disinfecting following CDC guidelines.

•  Installing permanent hand wash stations.

•  Designing and installing attractive, unobtrusive plexiglass protective partitions at reception areas, work stations, and other areas where protection is needed.

Outdoor areas can be reconstructed to comply with social distancing guidelines.

•  Landscaping, outdoor food service, and outdoor meeting room design and construction.

•  Design and construction of outdoor furniture.

•  Installing touchless door openers, sinks, toilets, and bathroom accessories.

•  Integrating smart technology, access control, and security improvements.

•  Replacing traditional drinking fountains with bottle fillers.

•  Parking lot striping and any other exterior improvements that should be completed prior to employees returning to buildings.


Contact Chris Michel at (504) 628-7397 or via email to talk more about these services and how Woodward can help you safely welcome clients and staff back to your business.